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Where to see things on this site:
Most of the things on this site are not on public display.  Many were temporary, made for TV or theatre; others are in private hands, and quite a few have just got lost. The inspiration for this site was partly because so much has disappeared for one reason or another.  I'm most proud of my amusement arcades,  Novelty Automation in central London and The Under The Pier Show on Southwold pier, Suffolk (100 miles from London) - where I've also got a waterclock and bits of street furniture. The Secret Life of the Home gallery in the Science Museum, London was developed from my old TV series 'The Secret Life of Machines' and is still popular. To avoid disappointment I've given everything on the list a star rating. ( 5 stars worth an expedition to see, 1 star beware of disappointment).

Slot machines
*****Southwold pier, Southwold, Suffolk:   Amusement arcade

*****Novelty Automation, Holborn, London:   Amusement arcade
(A lot of my recent work is here)


***** London zoo birdhouse clock
*     Shorts Gardens, Covent Gdn London:   Holland and Barrett waterclock
**    Chelsea farmer's market, London:        Steam clock (no longer working but epic)
***   Southwold Pier, Southwold, Suffolk:         Waterclock 

Collecting Boxes
**    Carlisle:                          Tullie House Museum
**    Wolverhampton:            Museum and art gallery
**** Oxford:                            Pitt Rivers Museum
***London                            Guy's hospital
***London                            St Thomas's Hospital

Museum exhibits
*****South Kensington, London:  Secret Life of the Home gallery, The Science Museum 
**    Pacific quay, Glasgow:         Science in the Dock object theatre, Glasgow Science centre. This has
                                                        been rebuilt and may have lost some of its charm.
*** San Fransisco, USA:             Tinkering clock and Transistor Exhibit, The Exploratorium



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