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Other Tim Hunkin sites:

My Southwold 'Under The Pier Show' amusement arcade  

Rudiments of Wisdom cartoon encyclopaedia:

Hunkin's cartoon experiments:

The Secret Life of Machines TV series

Past and Present Collaborators:

Tessa Hunkin:

Sarah Angliss:

Will Jackson:

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre:

Rex Garrod:  No website, email me for contact details 

Gary Alexander:

Max Alexander:

Paul Spooner: No website, email me for contact details

Andy Plant:

Sally Hunkin:   

Jim Bond:

Ben Waters

Related sites and ones I enjoyed:
This is rather a random list, I usually forget to put things on it !

effortless looking animation: 

a windows based party photobooth system:

growing up in a canadian lumber yard:

 Nuclear radiation paranoia:

A retired locksmith's guide to safes:

How to anodise Titanium:




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