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I felt a bit embarrassed putting this site together as it seemed a bit like vanity publishing. At times it was also an odd feeling, 'editing' my past. But then, I had all the images and it seemed a waste to let them rot, and I wanted to try doing a website. Practically, it will also be useful for anyone interested in commissioning work to look at my past stuff.

If I’d known quite how long it would take I'm not sure I would have started. Working at a computer for more than a couple of hours puts me in an odd state where I find it quite hard to think or talk to anyone.
I appologise that the layout of everything on the site is a bit chaotic - frontpage is such an irritating piece of software.

Now I look at the site I’m amazed just how much stuff I have made, but then 51 years is a long time to be alive. The stuff is also satisfyingly varied. For many years, while I was doing my part time job drawing the Rudiments of Wisdom cartoon, I felt a missionary zeal to find what I really wanted to do with my life. Gradually I found there was no single ideal occupation - I thrive on variety and get most satisfaction from exploring things I haven't tried before.

A few years ago, while doing a short fellowship at Xerox parc, the director asked me if I was attached to an institution or if I was a floater. He said it implying that being a floater was a good thing. I was amazed, as in Britain people like this are regarded as mad eccentrics, and the word 'floater' means a turd that won't sink.




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