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I enjoy reading all the comments but apologize that there are so many I canít answer individually. Iím delighted that my new videos have been so enthusiastically received, which is reflected in the majority of the comments. The videos arenít perfect though so below each video Iíve compiled the comments about things I omitted or people thought were misleading. A few comments added wonderful additional information so Iíve included them as well. 

Several people suggested additional topics. Ceramic bearings don't suffer metal fatigue, don't mind high temperatures or lack of lubrication - but are only used for specialist applications because they're brittle. 

A dry chemical called Tungsten Disulphide is very good at reducing friction and I think added to some oils.

I probably should also have included thrust bearings. These are like thick washers, with a radial ring of roller bearings. They are useful for supporting heavy vertical shafts and with bevel gears, which push out strongly when rotating.  




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