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I enjoy reading all the comments but apologize that there are so many I canít answer individually. Iím delighted that my new videos have been so enthusiastically received, which is reflected in the majority of the comments. The videos arenít perfect though so below each video Iíve compiled the comments about things I omitted or people thought were misleading. A few comments added wonderful additional information so Iíve included them as well. 

One suggestion for re-sealing cartridge glues was to unscrew the nozzle, put a couple of layers of clingfilm over the join and then screw it back in again.

Apologies that at one point I said PVA was Polyvinyl Alcohol, when it is Polyvinyl Acetate.

A suggestion for preventing PVA glue joints from slipping out of position when clamping was to add a few grains of salt. I haven't tried it but can see it could help.

As a reference for what glue to use a site called '' is easy to use and concise.

Hot glue can also be used for temporary work holding, using alcohol (methylated spirit) to remove it when done.    

E6000 says on the label that it is banned in the state of California as a known carcinogen. When I first read it, I have to admit I felt this showed the glue must be good. If used in large amounts, the vapour can cause liver cancer so its best to use it outdoors.




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