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I enjoy reading all the comments but apologize that there are so many I canít answer individually. Iím delighted that my new videos have been so enthusiastically received, which is reflected in the majority of the comments. The videos arenít perfect though so below each video Iíve compiled the comments about things I omitted or people thought were misleading. A few comments added wonderful additional information so Iíve included them as well. 

No direct criticisms of the facts in the Springs episode but a couple of good ideas for things I could have included. First a great torsion spring used for the suspension of the Citroen 2CV and many VWs. Its simply a rod about 25mm in diameter, fixed rigidly on one side of the car and supported but free to twist on the other side. Second that only small springs are coiled cold with the steel already hardened. Large springs, like car suspension springs, are coiled hot and then heat treated to harden them. 

Another suggestion was to include the air bag springs often used on trucks and trains. These reduce vibration compared to conventional springs.  




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