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I enjoy reading all the comments but apologize that there are so many I canít answer individually. Iím delighted that my new videos have been so enthusiastically received, which is reflected in the majority of the comments. The videos arenít perfect though so below each video Iíve compiled the comments about things I omitted or people thought were misleading. A few comments added wonderful additional information so Iíve included them as well. 

Iím embarrassed that I said video projector colours are Yellow, Cyan and Magenta after misunderstanding the Wikipedia entry. Video images are all based on Red Green Blue. It is a bit confusing because projectors with the Texas Instruments tilting mirror chips use several different systems and some have a spinning colour wheel of dichroic CMYK glass mirrors. I now guess this acts as a filter for the white source, allowing through the complementary RGB colours.

Peter Van Ginneken wrote that the Rotterdam flood barrier does not have any wheels of rollers along its length. Instead it has buoyancy tanks so it literally floats out into position. The tanks are then flooded, lowering the gates to the bottom and forming a watertight seal. So ingenious as he says.

Gimp pins are still used for upholstery and remain easily available.

Several people were appalled that I used a claw hammer on the chisel to rebate the door hinge. A mallet is better because the wider head makes it harder to miss so its easier to your eye on the work. But my hammer just feels like an extension of my arm, its something I just use without thinking.

Other people worried about having my fingers so close when I was welding. The video makes it look more alarming than it is is reality. Iíve done tack welds like this for 40 years without getting a bad burn. Picking up hot parts up forgetting Iíve just welded them is more of a problem, I am now literally very thick skinned.

Tufnol is known as Garolite or 'Canvas Phenolic' in the US.




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