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This clock stands outside the Tropical Aviary, one of the zoo's oldest buildings. The brief was not specifically for a clock, just a feature to attract visitors, with the theme of the Victorians' attitude to the animal kingdom. Such a great location and such a great theme,  I knew I wanted to do it immediately.
This page has photos of the clock, if you want to read about its design and manufacture go here

Initial drawing


Finished clock... 8 months later
(outside my workshop)






I hadn't thought out how the clock would work in 3D when I got the job. So I did lots of sketches and a complete 3D CAD drawing, but making the model was more fun and more useful.

The initial drawing was vague about the clock's scale. Much better to make something full size.

3 minute video of the clock performing



The toucans pecking the pendulum to keep it swinging

The small birds escape from the display case and pop-up elsewhere on the clock 

The meatpan opens to reveal a trembling bird inside 

The meatpan closes and opens again but the bird has gone

The cage then opens and the blue bird escapes


The birds fly round and finally the toucans desert their posts. They reappear at the top, squarking, and the pendulum and clock stop running. 

   Read about the design and making of the clock 





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