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I like playing with optics. The projects Iíve worked on donít look impressive on video or on the web so I havenít tried to add pictures to this page. In reality though, the effects look special simply because they are obviously not video images. It's amazing the variety of effects possible with a few lenses and some basic maths. The road sign camera is only one of various optical projects I've worked on. The Quantum Tunnelling Telescope is my latest, combining a real view out to sea with a periscope image of automata models in the centre of the field of view. The Booth of Truth, in my Under The Pier Show arcade, uses optics to get the most out of one way mirrors. A ring of LEDs is reflected back on the one way mirror by an ordinary mirror that changes its distance and angle to the fixed one way mirror. The combined effect of multiple reflections is a tube spiralling to infinity. The giant CD player in my Secret Life of the Home gallery in the science museum uses a solid state visible laser and miniature lenses to mimic the focussing and tracking arrangement of a real CD player. My next optical project will be a Campbell Stokes Sunshine recorder for Southwold pier.




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