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This simulator ride, made in 2002, lives my Under the Pier Show arcade on Southwold Pier, Suffolk

As mini-break holidays become ever more popular, now is the perfect time to launch a new concept in today’s fast moving, time strapped world, the Micro-break.   

Simply sit on the chair and the carpet tips and rocks as you watch a TV animation of your flight and coach transfer, ending up on a tropical beach. At this point the TV lamp swings up, shining a heat lamp in your face. After soaking in the heat, you’re whisked home again, the whole experience lasting less than 3 minutes.


Technical details
This simulator ride is built on the chassis of a 1985 Sega Space Harrier arcade game. This provides the wonderful tipping and rocking mechanism. The animation is filmed in a model landscape made of weathered lumps of PU foam, which originally came from a float used to lay a north sea gas pipeline 






Change of scene every few seconds


No need to pack anything

100% recycled experience


No need to eat anything- perfect for weight watchers

Complete indoor holiday

Microbreak is my favourite ride in the arcade. This is partly because it was my first attempt at making a simulator ride and also my first attempt at 3D animation, so it was particularly exciting. Its also my favourite because I really struggle with real holidays. Holidays are essential for people who have stressful jobs or hate their jobs. But I enjoy working and don't find it stressful. I like travelling for work, to have a reason to go somewhere, but find holidays more stressful than work and often thoroughly depressing. I find them stressful because I'm not a good traveller and I'm always worried by missing flights, losing my passport etc. Depressing because they involve a lot of aimlessly wandering around, often surrounded by lots of other people doing the same. This makes me feel old and reminds me of death. I'm surrounded by friends who enjoy their holidays and think I'm uptight for not being able to relax. I used to be worried by this but making Microbreak somehow allowed me to just accepted it.   




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