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I like tools, but I haven’t got anything special, just a bit of everything.

My favourite tool is probably my lathe, a 1969 Colchester student, because it is so solidly made. It came from Devonport naval dockyardmachine tools.jpg (9015 bytes)
The lathe has a nameplate depicting a globe surrounded by the lettering ‘The world turns on Colchester lathes’.
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My most useful tool is probably my Filofix. Inspired by the craze for Filofaxes a few years ago, I put together a collection of my most useful hand tools in a similar sized leather pouch. The spectacle case (top left) contains a selection of nuts, bolts, fuses, crimp terminals and cable ties. I take it to London whenever I need to mend something and it seems to have enough tools for almost any job.
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My other favourite tool is my Fronius Magicarc TIG welder. TIG welders are capable of tiny delicate welds, and many can switch from welding stainless steel to welding aluminium at a touch of a button. I'd tried a couple of cheap scratch start TIG welders and never got anywhere, so I eventually decided to buy an expensive one, and I've never regretted  it. I could probably now produce good welds with my previous welders, but a good tool makes learning a 'knack' much easier and I still really appreciate its clever design.

I taught myself to use it by welding cubes of thin guage material.
1.5mm aluminium on the left and .5mm stainless on the right




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