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(Temporary exhibition at the Science Museum, London, curated in collaboration with Sarah Angliss   1999)

A small exhibition at the Science Museum to celebrate the publication of a book of the same name about DERA’s postwar military research. The museum had acquired the  collection of RAF Farnborough research establishment a few years before and this formed the basis of our exhibition. There were so many extraordinary and bizarre objects we were spoilt for choice. This page shows a tiny selection.
Many of the exhibit labels, written by Sarah, are on the mongrelmedia website.


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Vulcan bomber, bomb bay control unit, c1956

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General view of exhibition
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Wooden model of proposed supersonic aircraft, c1951
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Head of a water filled rubber dummy, used for testing ejector seats underwater
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Reactor vessel from Porton Down for mixing Marburg virus and other category 4 diseases
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At top, a model of a cluster bomb, with photo of the bomblets being released.
At bottom, a model missile with chequer markings( to show its spin speed on high speed film).
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In addition to the objects, there was the establishment’s albums of photos and press cuttings. These were very atmospheric, and often entertaining to read.




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