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The real spectators looks through empty picture frames at my ‘spectators’, as if they are the art. The show went to over 15 different provincial galleries. Afterwards, I loaned most of the figures to the York automata museum. I was never informed when it closed down. So just for the record, York Automata Museum never bought or owned anything I've ever made. I've since found that the papier mache ones were put in a skip and I think the wooden ones were carried off by the owner John Robinson.

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You stand behind this frame and the tourist takes a polaroid photo of you surrounded by a picture frame - making you look like a picture.

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All my spectators were placed behind empty frames, looking at the visitors as if they were the art

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The exterior of the exhibition on display in Nottingham

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The builder and his wife looking at 'Venus stung by a bee' in Norwich city art gallery
After over a dozen white walled galleries I managed to find a few traditional city galleries to place the spectators in. This was much more satisfying. Choosing the painting for each to look at was always good fun, and watching visitors was always interesting.

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